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Society has moved from a barter economy to using money as a means of exchange. Over time, different individuals and groups have made attempts to create systems that permit a rational, easy, effective and fair ways to exchange value. This is what has led to the creation of electronic or virtual currency, a concept initiated around the mid-nineties. A number of virtual currencies exist with more or less success, and they range from Pecunix to e-gold, and are associated with different things such as leisure (for example, Second Life’s Linden Dollar, and even the common Facebook Credits


Quick & Easy

BITCOINDAG (BTD) offers the user a 3.0 blockchain solution through a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) algorithm architecture. The advantage of using BITCOINDAG lies not only in the speed of the transaction, but also in the speed of its confirmation. This performance allowed us to develop BITCOINDAG GO, a BTD to FIAT bridge, that is using NFC technology accepted by all the P.O.S around the world

Secure Transactions

BITCOINDAG is designed in a way that allows tamper proof storage of arbitrary data which assures the safety of the network. BITCOINDAG is leveraging also the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs). We added an extra layer of security to your funds!


BITCOINDAG is a decentralized system designed to speed up transactions keeping up with large volume of transactions. BITCOINDAG offers 100% Network infrastructure uptime and professional 24/7 Online Support



Use of funds

About Bitcoindag

BITCOINDAG is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed for wide use across the world. This project is built on a blockchain improved by the directed acyclic graph (DAG) algorithm.This algorithm is creating new secured transactions by referencing earlier transactions created by other users. Also, it solves the problem of speed and scalability, which is peculiar to the blockchain. The coin will be used as a decentralised exchange of currency in a P2P payments system.
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Bitcoindag is built as a investment platform

Thanks to the DAG algorithm, the platform will provide speed and large volume of transactions on a platform that is transparent and trustworthy. The platform will serve as an easy to invest environment for anyone across the world. Users can benefit from the different investment plans on our platform and generate revenue with ease

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence


It is undeniable that artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain concepts are spreading at a phenomenal rate. Both technologies have distinct degree of technological complexity and multi-dimensional business implications. However, a common misunderstanding about blockchain concept, in particular, is that “a blockchain is decentralized and therefore no one controls it”. But the underlying development of a blockchain system is still attributed to a cluster of core developers. Take smart contract as an example, it is essentially a collection of codes (or functions) and data (or states) that are programmed and deployed on a blockchain (say, Ethereum) by different human programmers. It is thus, unfortunately, less likely to be free of loopholes and flaws. In this article, through a brief overview about how artificial intelligence could be used to deliver bug-free smart contract so as to achieve the goal of blockchain 2.0, we to emphasize that the blockchain implementation can be assisted or enhanced via various AI techniques. The alliance of AI and blockchain is expected to create numerous possibilities.


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